About RMGI

Recordable Media Group International B.V. (RMGI) is based in The Netherlands where it
has been producing magnetic tape products since 1968. Initially, the company was a
division of the Philips organization and produced open reel and cassette tape; video
tape and data cartridges for IBM tape storage systems. It has now accumulated 37 years
of non-interrupted experience in manufacturing magnetic tape products.

In 2004, the company acquired the assets and technology (including patents) of the EMTEC
Munich plant. This enabled RMGI to produce audio pancakes for cassette duplication as
well as audio tape for use in professional studio recording applications. These products
were introduced to the world markets in 2006 and have been very well received.

RMGI is a relatively small company with a small organizational structure, low overheads,
highly skilled and well trained staff and an efficient operation. The company is totally
dedicated to the manufacture of magnetic tape products.

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